Ryan Moore, Andrea Trabucco-Campos, Dylan Mulvaney, Lea Loo, Kasia Galla Barrett, Kerry Griner, Aanvik Singh, John Choi, Alaijah Hampton

Type design: Ryan Bugden


Brand identity,


Founded in Providence in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design is one of the leading art and design schools in the world. Known for its cross-disciplinary approach to art and design pedagogy, RISD has always attracted students who are interested in making while critically engaging with culture and producing ideas that impact the future.

An art and design education is never complete. Designers, artists and scholars make the invisible visible through a constant iterative dialogue with their peers and with culture at large. A dynamic, constantly evolving process of learning, interrogating, making, critiquing, and starting again.

The design system captures this endless loop in a simple and recognizable typographic signature that ranges from complete to incomplete and ensures consistency while allowing for flexibility and expression.

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