Ryan Moore, Daniel Edmundson, Isabelle Allard, Andrew Stubbs Johnston, Andrea Trabucco-Campos, Dylan Mulvaney, Zoe Lin, Colin Kinsley, Lea Loo, Nicholas Samendinger, Cyrus Cumming, John Choi, Andrew Stubbs Johnso, Kerry Griner


Brand identity,


MasterClass is a community of members and instructors connected by the same thing – the desire to learn, grow and be inspired. Working closely with internal teams at MasterClass on creative strategy, visual identity and motion behavior, we redesigned their brand to help to inspire a learning lifestyle in everyone.

The design language reflects the brand’s sophistication and best-in-class offering while allowing the spectrum of instructors’ unique personalities to come through. The identity is tailored to the offering: a cinematic, unified platform that opens up to a colorful variety of top-tier instruction within.  

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