Ryan Moore, Matt Delbridge, Andrew Stubbs Johnston, Daniel Edmundson, Andy Keating, Donovan Brien, Cyrus Cumming, Johannes Geie, Galla Barrett, Nathan Frisc, Claire Banks, Sam Chung, William Rauscher


Brand identity,


CBS is a global multi-platform media company spanning virtually every form of entertainment. Because of their wide reach and array of offerings, consistency and brand voice are key elements in linking their products together. Our objective was to unify the CBS brand top-to-bottom—content, business units and products—while evolving the brand identity to feel fresh, relevant and meaningful to a wide range of viewers.

By deconstructing CBS’ iconic eye, we were able to create a visual language that pushed the brand forward while still remaining identifiable with its rich history. These new elements informed our motion behavior with a versatile set of moves.  

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